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They captured the pure essence of our marriage and we are so over the moon that we will forever have the pleasure of remembering the beauty of that wonderful day through the amazing photography skills of Megan Maundrell Photography.


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Meet Your Next Photographer:

Hello kind and beautiful person on the other side of the screen. My name is Megan and I am already dying to meet you, are you ready to meet me?

I began this journey as the media manager and overall "people person" of the business, but I began falling in love with photography and the concept of capturing a memory- not just a pose and forced smile... I'm lookin' at you Walmart! I take pride in finding the aspect of life and love that each individual possesses and focusing on that instead of posing. It's not about being photogenic, its about relationships, love, personality and moments. Can I get an amen?

     If you’re dying to hear more about me, I love human anatomy and am the type of person who usually gets stopped mid sentence at the dinner table because my discussion topic is unknowingly making people queasy. I'm a little over the top, but I like to think of it as an instant friendship kind of personality; I make connections with people instantly by being an open book and making a bit of a fool of myself. But hey, it works! Hot apple cider is my jam and makes me as happy as a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks make most other gals. And I have had nearly 6 trillion photos taken of me so when you inevitably feel a little shy in front of the camera, I truly do know how you feel.

⬅️Thats me! In all of my roots-growing-in-stage-of-hair glory! (This moment was captured by my good friend, Alexandra Janine Imagery)




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